What is pvc film ?

We may often hear the concept of pvc film in our lives, but what it specifically represents may not be understood by many people, and they still stay in the vague understanding of cling film and plastic film. In fact, pvc products have been widely used in our lives, especially in architectural decoration. Many of the furniture we see are covered with a layer of PV film, which can not only make the appearance of the furniture more beautiful and generous, but also enhance the service life of the furniture.

What is PVC film?

PVC film (polyvinyl chloride film), which is made of polyvinyl chloride resin and other modifiers through calendering or blow molding. Generally, the thickness is 0.08~0.2 mm, some thicker than 0.25 mm are called PVC sheets. Plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant and other functional processing aids are added to PVC resin, and then rolled into film.

Main components of PVC film:

PVC resin:40%~70%, plasticizer:10%~50%

Stabilizer:1%~10%, filler:1%~30%

Colorant : 1%~10%

Characteristics of PVC film:

PVC film is insoluble in water, alcohol, gasoline, and can swell or dissolve in ether, ketone, chlorinated aliphatic hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons. At room temperature, it is resistant to concentrated hydrochloric acid, 90% sulfuric acid,  50%-60% nitric acid, and caustic soda solution below 20%.

Properties of PVC film:

Ordinary adhesive film is directly pasted on the surface of the board with glue at room temperature,  after one or two years, the film may fall off easily. The PVC film is attached to the surface of the board at a high temperature of 110 degrees by a special vacuum laminating machine, so it is not easy to fall off.

Although PVC film has excellent quality assurance, some people may say that PVC is after all just a chemical product l, so it is not as good as natural materials, it also  can not eliminate toxicity and odor, and it will inevitably cause damage to our environment. In fact, they are wrong ,because the raw materials for the general production of PVC film are specially refined, and the toxic substances are completely extracted.

Therefore, PVC is completely non-toxic and tasteless, and has no irritation to human skin or respiratory system. For those who are allergic to wood and paint, furniture or kitchen utensils packed with PVC film are extremely  suitable. By using PVC film as a decorative film, people can use a large number of medium-density boards, particle boards, plywood and fiberboards, instead of the wood using to reduce  damage to forests and the environment.

From this perspective, PVC film has made a great contribution to the protection of the ecological environment. The quality of PVC is not inferior to other alternatives, and the cost is cheaper than these materials.

The PVC film industry is developing rapidly all over the world and has broad prospects. Everyone is optimistic about the potential and the benefits to the environment of PVC film .With its excellent and special performance, PVC film proves to the world that its role and status cannot be replaced by any other products. Social development Need it, environmental protection needs it, it is the inevitable trend of civilization progress of our human society.

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