Material: PVC

Surface treating: Matt or high glossy or anti-scratch chemical coating

Designs: single color,wood, marble, art, wall paper and other designs


The Super Clear and Fire Protection PVC Film Sheet on Interior Wall offers exceptional advantages for interior wall applications. This high-quality film sheet provides superior clarity, allowing the natural beauty of the wall to shine through without any distortion. It also offers excellent fire protection properties, enhancing the safety of the space and providing peace of mind. The PVC film sheet acts as a protective barrier, safeguarding the wall against scratches, stains, and other forms of damage, thus maintaining its pristine appearance for a longer time. Its easy installation process ensures convenience and efficiency, saving time and effort. Choose the Super Clear and Fire Protection PVC Film Sheet for Interior Wall to combine clarity, safety, and visual appeal, creating an inviting and protected interior space.

Product Specification

Material: PVC
Surface treating: Matt or high glossy or anti-scratch chemical coating
Designs: single color,wood, marble, art, wall paper and other designs
Thickness: 0.12~1mm
Max width: 1.42M;
Packing details: Craft paper and PVC foam, container with pallet loading
New cylinders and Samples: For new cylinders, we will make it for customers with some MOQ; We could supply free sample and take the express charges.
Features: Environmental-friendly,low-toxicity materials,easily-clean,good printed patterns, long durability, high wear resistance, antibacterial property and strong impact resistance.

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